The Enterprise Sales Northstar


How we drove enterprise sales through strategic repositioning and lead generation.

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Strategic brand positioning to drive new leads
After securing significant marketshare in Europe, a global enterprise B2B brand was ready to tackle expansion in North America, however, there was little existing brand recognition in the United States and the marketplace was already saturated with competitors who had spent decades building brand awareness and industry reputation, and generating proven results in the industry.

Mission Control Marketing was tasked with working hand-in-hand with the client’s sales and marketing teams to strategically position the brand for expansion in a new markets and drive lead generation.



Aligning marketing to sales.
Before we could begin the campaign, it was critical that sales and marketing be aligned in messaging and positioning. Once this was achieved, we created a multi-channel marketing campaign to drive new sales opportunities.



Step #1 - Finding their Northstar
We first conducted a strategic brand positioning exercise to help the client find its “Northstar.” This included the development of brand pillars, sales personas, external research and a realignment of marketing and sales. The following steps were developed to reach these goals:


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As a result of this  exercise, Mission Control Marketing:

  • Developed a new meta-narrative, brand pillars and messaging for the North American market

  • Conducted a discovery exercise within the company’s client base and externally among prospects

  • Created a process and go-to-market strategy for marketing to support the business goals of the sales and talent recruitment teams


Step #2 - Driving prospects to sales
With the company’s brand pillars, messaging and sales strategy unified, we further leveraged the insights from our initial discovery and research to launch a marketing campaign that engaged prospects and generated new pipeline opportunities for the sales team.

This campaign centered around a microsite we developed to educate prospects about the brand and capture leads. We also created “major moments” to drive leads and prospects to the microsite, which included:

A new email marketing strategy and campaign

Industry research reports


Print advertisements in trade publications

A strategic public relations campaign that resulted in earned media placements in business and trade publications



Within six months the client secured:



total new
inbound leads




total downloads by leads of the industry reports



direct sales inquiries from new prospects 




Case Studies


Reaching Consumers

for Engel & Völkers

$2.2 Million in Pipeline

from Fortune 500s