Growing pipeline by creating a webinar presence

Prevedere is an insights and analytics company that provides a future-view of a company’s opportunity and risk. A proprietary cognitive computing engine and AI develops predictive analytics reporting of key economic risk by analyzing millions of external factors and identifying the most predictive ones.

Research and interviews with c-suite, marketing, and sales executives were conducted to understand the products, services, and complex layers of technology, for the purpose of being able to communicate a story as simply as possible. It meant creating a narrative that was balanced and focused on a very specific audience – the fortune 500 CEO.

“Prevedere’s proprietary AI enables companies to create predictive models to forecast with clarity, plan with certainty, and capitalize on opportunities that grow business.”

With a new meta-narrative framework in place, the work with the marketing and sales groups moved forward into developing content that would impact pipeline, from presentations to collateral to webinars.