Engel & Völkers

Reshaping a global luxury real estate brand from the inside out (and outside in)

Engel & Völkers is a global luxury real estate brand, founded in Germany in 1977 and operating in about 40 countries on six continents.

With a rich heritage and history, a specific challenge for Engel & Völkers Americas was communicating that story effectively for this new market while remaining true to the brand’s core values.

Where we began was conducting a brand workshop during our time of discovery with the purpose of firmly establishing and rooting the vision for the Americas, and serve as a guide for initiatives that ultimately grow the business. This meant developing and codifying a meta-narrative framework and pillars to create a cohesive marketing strategy, unifying and integrating the effect throughout organization.

This foundation guides us as we craft messaging and develop campaigns for brand awareness and growth. Creative assets such as print advertorials, emails, microsites, and webinars become key components of a comprehensive plan.