Building a digital strategy for talent acquisition and development

Bose is best known for audio products. What really defines the brand is a relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and discovery of new and better solutions. It’s a company of passionate engineers, developers, researchers, and dreamers, but that’s the story only beginning to be told.

The work with the talent acquisition group focuses on the increasingly competitive landscape of attracting and retaining top talent. Research started by looking at social/digital properties for Bose, as well as numerous competitive sets, to establish a quantitative foundation for developing an observational framework and hypotheses.

Qualitative interviews and meta-narrative development then informed strategy, writing, and creative content execution. Processes were created to address reviews and feedback, continually improve ratings, and develop a calendar for content updates. All of this serving as a foundation for a three-year plan that integrates all digital talent properties, externally and internally.