Our research


Why we believe in the importance of research

We tend to ask questions—about objectives, about audiences, about rationale and methodology. Much of the time we find ourselves thinking through these two:

  • Why is this the best solution / recommendation / execution for our client (and even ourselves)?

  • How can we have the highest level of accuracy* in our thought processes?


*Rather than trying to be “right” we look to define/refine a point of view that is accurate—which can even lead us to discover we were wrong about ‘X’, leading us closer and deeper into understanding what is true.



Which Marketing Channels Lead to Sales

The Definitive Guide for Building a Marketing Strategy that Influences B2B Sales in 2019

(Our 2017 report can be found here.)


The Definitive Guide For Building a Marketing Strategy That Influences B2B Sales

A key asset we’ve developed is our annual report that serves as a comprehensive guide of mapping marketing to sales. You’ll know it’s for you if some of these questions are all too familiar:

  • Which marketing channels are most effective at reaching decision-makers?

  • Which of those channels deliver the highest return on investment?

  • Which marketing channels work better in synergy with each other?

  • What’s the best marketing mix for your goals and budget?

  • Is social media effective for B2B marketing?

  • Are analysts worth the investment? What about trade shows?

  • What’s the best way to reach decision-makers?