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Webinar On-Demand: Getting the Most Out of Your $1 Million Marketing Budget in 2018


Fill out the form to gain access to our webinar, “Getting the Most Out of Your $1 Million Marketing Budget in 2018,” during which Elliot Schimel, CEO of Mission Control Marketing, breaks down the ideal marketing mix for your million-dollar marketing budget.

Bottom line: This webinar identifies the marketing channels that offer the greatest and least returns on investment for the proposed budget, based on research conducted by Mission Control Marketing in partnership with Researchscape. These insights enable you to prioritize marketing channels, allocate resources intelligently, and, therefore, create the most effective marketing plan for 2018.

If you haven’t read the research report, you can find it here.

If you’re interested in a custom report based on a specific marketing channel, or based on the job role of your target prospects (IT, finance, marketing or operations), email elliot@missioncontrol.marketing.



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Webinar On-Demand: Which Marketing Channels Lead to Sales