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Go to this: Bad Advice for Bad Women

Contributed by: Rachel Provenzano, Account Director

Appreciating my penchant for the written word, a friend gifted me two tickets to attend the latest installment of “Bad Advice from Bad Women” for a recent birthday that marked my entrance into the fourth decade of life. Given my feelings surrounding said birthday, the title of the event alone was immediately appealing. However, having never attended Bad Advice from Bad Women before, I did my homework beforehand to see what I was getting myself into (a lesson every New Yorker has learned the hard way).

When I looked into what exactly Bad Advice from Bad Women is, I was pleasantly surprised with their three-line self-description:

Featuring the best women writing today. Based in New York City but known to roam. (Doesn’t usually feature literal advice, but lessons can be inferred.)

Cool. This sounds like something I can get behind as a woman who writes. Also, how refreshing to be able to glean the purpose of something in three concise lines in a day in age where I am still not entirely sure who Lucas is.

I recognized a few women slated to read on the night I was to attend, a line up that included Hala Alyan, Carla Bruce-Eddings, Sukjong Hong, Tanwi Nandini Islam, Aisha Mirza, and Maria Yagoda. The work they shared was pretty awesome, and which I won’t even attempt to summarize here. Most awesome was the opportunity to hear the work of my peers and to learn that a platform like this exists for women writers, both for accomplished writers like those who shared their work that night, and also for women like me, who consider themselves writers even if in only a small way.

Anyway, if you’re a woman who writes, know a woman who writes, or would like familiarize yourself with women who write, you should go to their next event. Happy scrawling.


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