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Re-teaching Fortune 500 Brands to Forecast


Prevedere is a SaaS-based platform that provides Fortune 500 companies with accurate industry and company forecasts by building economics models using billions of pieces of external indicators across the economic spectrum. Using the Prevedere platform, the company’s team of economists can quickly build distinctive models that forecast industry trends and help finance professionals incorporate the impact of the economy into their planning.

These forecasts are often complicated and feature data that, at face value, seem irrelevant to the forecast being built. How could a poor holiday retail season impact the forecast for residential real estate? Why are earned wages more impactful for auto sales than the economy or hurricanes? Why is unemployment a terrible leading indicator?

From complicated principles to streamlined message

Prevedere partnered with Mission Control Marketing to build awareness for their platform and the economists behind the economic models. Our goal was to take complicated economic principles and deliver them in a streamlined understandable message that reaches decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies. We developed a strategy that leveraged earned and owned marketing channels, including media relations, content marketing, webinars and visualizations to quickly deliver these complicated messages to prospects.

Distilling a complex message that speaks to Fortune 500 executives

Mission Control Marketing secured media placements for Prevedere economists in business publications such as CNBC.com, Forbes, MarketWatch and others.



Leveraging Prevedere’s proprietary economic forecasting models, we showed the created an easily readable visualization that quickly conveys the messages developed by the Prevedere economists.



Mission Control Marketing develops webinars for Prevedere economists to deliver industry outlooks and updates on time-sensitive issues that impact the economy and Fortune 500 companies.



Marketing that impacts sales

As a result of the marketing strategy and execution, Prevedere was able to deliver content that resonated with business leaders at mid-sized and large companies, which directly resulted in new qualified leads for the company.

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