Mission Control Marketing is the essential agency partner to the CMO at mid-sized b-to-b organizations. Taking a holistic approach, we provide strategic marketing counsel and channel-agnostic execution with an unflinching focus on increasing sales and driving overall business growth.

Why We Launched Mission Control Marketing


The simple answer:

In the last last two decades, the marketing world has grown infinitely more complex. The fragmentation of media has driven brands to hire more agencies and judge success on the latest metric du jour. Compounding the problem are inflated numbers, fraudulent advertising and the proliferation of bots.




In response to some of these unhealthy developments, we built a company that focuses on one mission (and the only metric that matters): Sales and business growth. We accomplish that by developing holistic marketing solutions with the single-minded purpose of driving business growth.


Here’s more detail:

We’ve built and organized ourselves to be a true agency partner to the CMO at a mid-sized b-to-b company. Currently, this doesn’t exist anywhere else. Nearly all agencies that offer in-house capabilities across all marketing channels (i.e. one P&L) are built for large b-to-c brands (see Ogilvy's new structure), which prices out mid-sized b-to-b organizations. On the other hand, agencies built for the mid-size brand offer few channels in-house (i.e. PR, social media, design, etc.), which naturally skews their approach, predisposing them to recommending their channels to their clients, regardless of whether it is the right one.

Our goal is to work with a few mid-sized companies and partner with their CMOs to devise strategy and tactics that leverage the best channels that match their business need and budget. Our strategy has been to work very closely with select brands, enabling us to do a deeper dive into their business and develop a comprehensive, strategic marketing campaign that drives sales, thereby maximizing their investment.
Not every marketing channel works for every company.  We work with our client partners to develop an individualized marketing mix that is tailored to best support their company's needs.

"They challenge us to think different, but stay true to who we are."