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What We’re Reading: “How I Killed Pluto” by Mike Brown


We’re a marketing company, sure, but, more than that, we’re idea addicts and information gluttons. While we are frequently reading books on our own time, we enjoy reading books together that we can discuss in the office. As a group, we read great books that educate us and encourage us to reframe our thinking, and we want to talk about those books with like-and-unlike-minded people. Sometimes those people are MCM employees. Sometimes they’re our clients or friends of the firm.


This month we’re reading “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming,” by Mike Brown, a book about the discovery of the “10th planet,” Eris, and the eventual demotion of Pluto. At face value the book is a personal account about an astronomical discovery, but fundamentally it’s about challenging long-held notions and assumptions.

We’ll be meeting in November to share our takeaways and lessons learned from the book. If you’ve read the book and have some thoughts, we’d love to incorporate them into our discussion. Feel free to send them to Elliot at elliot@missioncontrol.marketing.

Otherwise, check back on this page mid-November. We’ll be updating this post with our thoughts and most impactful learnings.


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